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“Always fresh, sempre Fresco

Salumi Formaggi   22
Artisanal cheese & meats

Burrata Salad  13 (GF)
Tomatoes, basil and balsamic glaze

Fritto Misto di Mare   12
Calamari, shrimp, lemon & parsley

Cozze Mussels  12
Mussels white wine and lemon sauce

Fried Ravioli  8

Fragola Salad   11 (GF)
Mix greens, strawberries, goat cheeseand almonds with house vinaigrette

Sylvester Salad  11 (GF)
Mix greens, strawberries, apples,
pecans, fontina cheese with raspberry vinaigrette

L’insalata Greca  13
Spring mix, olives, cucumbers,
tomato, red onions, Feta cheese,
croutons, pepperoncini peppers and Balsamic vinaigrette


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Burgers and Paninis

All paninis are available as entree
or as part of our lunch combos;
½ of any panini with a ½ salad. $12

Hamburger Steak Marsala* 14 (GF)
Hamburger steak with marsala
demi glaze, caramelized onions
and mushrooms

Fresco Burger* 14
Garlic Parmesan mayo , lettuce
tomato, cheese & bacon

Chicken Parm Melt 12
Chicken Frito, Pomodoro
& mozzarella with fries

Meatball Sub 12
Pomodoro, mozzarella
& meatballs with fries

Italian Panini 12
Salami, hot ham, soppressata,
pepperoni, balsamic vinaigrette,
lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese

Fresco Cubano 12
Pastrami, cappicola, provolone,
fennel jam, pepperoni and
Chianti mustard

Chicken Pesto 12
Pesto, aioli, provolone and tomatoes


Roasted Potatoes
Parm Frits
Creamed Spinach
Sauteed Mushrooms (GF)
Roasted Broccoli (GF)
Brussel Sprouts (GF)


100% black angus, hand-cut in house & aged 28 days

16oz  Ribeye   32(GF)

16oz New York  29 (GF)




  • Rare - cool red center

  • Medium Rare - warm red center

  • Medium - pink all the way

  • Medium Well - thin line of pink

  • Well done - no pink

Pasta and Seafood

Add a salad to any entree for $3.50

Salmon* 25 (GF)
Grilled salmon, lemon dill cream, sauce w/ choice of one side

Lobster Ravioli 25
Lobster stuffed raviolis with sherry cream sauce

Lasagna 12
Bolognese, bechamel, pomodoro and mozzarella

Baked Ziti 12
Bolognese, bechamel, pomodoro and mozzarella

Spaghettini 12
Meatballs or meat-sauce, pomodoro

Chicken Parmesan 14
Chicken Frito, pomodoro,
mozzarella. Eggplant 11

Fettucine Alfredo
w/ chicken 12
w/ shrimp 14
w/ steak 15

Pasta Primavera 18
Sauteed vegetables, penne pasta, white wine cream sauce.

Shrimp Scampi 20


*18% will be charged on all parties of 8+
*Cooked to order. Consuming raw or uncooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, eggs or unpasteurized milk may increase your risk of food borne illness.


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